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A Message to Our Clients

According to federal guidelines, those who manufacture for or provide services to essential businesses are themselves considered essential. As our business provides services for hospitals, insurance companies and HR firms, we will remain open. To do this, we’ve implemented the following: All employees that can work from home have been doing so for the past […]

The Tangible, Grounding, and Intimate Experience of Brand Marketing with Magazines

It is no secret that the world is and has been undergoing a process of digitalization. But all is not as straightforward as we might be tempted to assume. The Association of American Publishers found that of the total consumer publications revenue for the month of August 2019 ($661.2 million), paper book formats made up […]

The Personal Nature of Marketing in Print

I’m sixteen years old. My sister walks into the kitchen and dumps the mail on the table while I’m sitting at the island counter. A brightly-colored catalog peeps out from underneath a pile of white envelopes. Image from Athleta's "The Power of She" campaign (PRNewsFoto/Athleta) I snag it by the corner and drag it out. […]

High Volume Document Generation, Data-driven Print Logistics & Business Process Outsourcing for the Insurance Industry

“Let experts be experts so you can be an expert.” A very successful entrepreneur and former mentor once said that to me when I was stuck on an operational problem that was core to our business but wasn’t a core skillset.  What he was getting at was twofold: It’s better to outsource or delegate important […]

Why Print Should Be Part of Your Marketing Mix

Print not only continues to be a valuable, viable marketing method for brands eager to make their mark: it’s a campaign must-have for success in a fragmented digital media landscape with increasingly attention-deficit audiences.

The Key to Direct Mail and Print Marketing ROI: Relevance

Meaningful connection has long been a core driving force behind marketing. However, where that connection often used to end at the moment of purchase, relevant communication is becoming the law of the land—a meaningful exchange that provides value to the buyer as much as profit to the seller—before and after the purchase. Digital marketing tactics […]

Why Direct Mail and Print Marketing are More Essential Than Ever

Your customers and prospective customers are being bombarded with marketing. Carefully considering the channels and tactics you use is critical.

Automated Direct Mail: Relevant. Targeted. Effective.

Print marketing can be targeted at the individual, highly relevant to their interaction with your brand and, generate significant positive marketing ROI.

Product Update: The Need for Speed

We recently completed a huge upgrade for Banjo and you probably have already noticed the difference. We made a variety of improvements and upgrades to our servers that resulted in the speed of Banjo increasing in a major way.

How Neuromarketing is Being Used to Show the Positive ROI of Combining Print and Digital Marketing

Consumers’ “willingness to pay” is significantly higher when media is delivered across both digital and physical channels rather than a single channel.