Case Studies

Whether you need to maintain brand consistency in your printed marketing, sales, or operational materials or trigger print marketing from your marketing automation platform, Banjo is designed to make it easier to manage print and other physical assets.

Franchise, Multi-location, and Chapter-based Organizations

Keeping your printed marketing and operational assets on brand in a franchise or multi-location business can be challenging. Banjo helps by centralizing your assets and only allowing your users to make changes that you decide they can make. This is why the Council for Better Business Bureau chose Banjo to manage its brand assets with its network of member offices.

Commercial and Retail Real Estate

Managing the logistics of ordering and installing leasing signage can be a real pain. And take a lot of time to manage. But with Banjo, it’s as easy as inputing an address and using a map to specify the placement and angle of the signage. That’s it. Banjo handles the logistics so you can focus on more valuable things. Learn how one of the largest retail brokerage firms in the Washington, D.C., northern Virginia, and Baltimore markets uses Banjo to manage its leasing signage logistics.

Insurance Industry Logistics

Ensuring multi-state regulatory compliance in the insurance industry is critical. And delivering the right document to the right policyholder at the right time can have significant liability implications. Thankfully, Banjo can automate complex, high volume, data-driven insurance logistics for you. Find out how Banjo helped a major midwest insurance agency automate its document delivery logistics (when previous vendors couldn’t).

Direct Mail Marketing Automation

Modern marketing requires individualized campaigns and communications based on your prospects or customers interaction with your brand. But email as a singular marketing automation tactic is no longer nearly as effective as it once was. That’s why with Banjo you can trigger print and other physical marketing when emails aren’t doing the job. Learn how a nationwide retailer uses Banjo to trigger direct mail automatically from its marketing automation platform to “significantly increase sales.”

High Volume, Localized Print Marketing Automation

Every day, Banjo receives data feeds containing hundreds of thousands of records from multiple 3rd party data providers. The data is automatically ingested and processed through a complex set of steps. Then it’s processed some more. And then even more. Learn about how Banjo automates the entire process to deliver tens of thousands of direct mail marketing pieces every day.

Hotel and Hospitality Franchise Operations

Brand consistency is critical for any nationwide franchise or corporation. Especially in the hotel and hospitality industry. And providing an easy way for locations to access brand-approved print and operational assets that they can also localize is key factor in achieving that consistency. That’s why this nationwide hotel chain chose Banjo for managing its print marketing and operational assets.

In-store and Point-of-sale (POS) Marketing

In-store and point-of-sale marketing are significant opportunities. And reaching consumers when and where they’re mostly likely to be ready to make a purchase can really move the needle. Learn about this nationwide brand that uses Banjo to promote its product in store and at point of sale through its network of affiliates.

Subscription and Renewal Marketing

Making it as easy as possible for consumers to subscribe to your service is obviously important. And retaining those subscription-based customers is even more important. Find out how Banjo helped a major clean energy company streamline its subscription and renewal processes to both acquire and retain more customers over time.

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