Many locations, lots of localization, every type of print collateral.

One centralized system for brand compliance.

Streamlining Print Asset Management for a Nationwide Multi-location Organization

Whether you manage a multi-location business, a franchise system, or a chapter-based organization, you know the challenges of maintaining brand consistency.

You also know how time-consuming and inefficient one-off collateral requests can be. Especially when localization and customization are required.

Banjo streamlines print asset management and brand control by giving your locations one central place to access the very latest brand assets. Whether it’s static materials like letterhead and promotional items or customizable collateral like brochures that need content specific to that market.

Additionally, you decide what items that you want each user to see for that location. For example, you can set it so marketing only sees brochures and advertisements but the northeast sales team can only access the sales sheets and sales decks for their region. It’s up to you who gets access to which assets. And once set up, you can easily monitor all activity. And even require approval for certain items or dollar thresholds.

You’re in complete control.

This is exactly why the Council for Better Business Bureau (CBBB) chose Banjo to help it maintain brand consistency across its network of member offices. They needed a way to centralize all brand assets and give each office access to the latest materials.

At the same time, they wanted to monitor which assets were getting used the most and which were no longer needed. All offices now have access to official, high-resolution logos, digital marketing assets, and a wide variety of customizable print marketing materials that they can have printed and fulfilled by Banjo.

CBBB has had tremendous success with Banjo.

It can now easily update all it’s marketing materials instantly for all its member offices. It can also see what’s being used and not being used and make updates accordingly. And finally, it’s streamlined the process of helping member offices get the assets they need to market themselves with localized and customized materials. CBBB no longer has to help customize the assets. The member offices simply login to Banjo, make their customizations, and localize to their office.

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