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High Volume, Localized Print Marketing Automation

CTAM, the Cable & Telecommunications Association for Marketing, is a non-profit cooperative marketing communications company. Its members include companies like Cox, Comcast, and Mediacom. It’s primary mission is to “direct collaborative marketing initiatives so [its] members can achieve greater success by working together, and ultimately better serve the millions of people they engage every day.”

CTAM uses Banjo marketing automation to manage two of its most complex and high-volume, data-driven marketing initiatives–a new mover daily mailing and The campaigns are targeted at two groups of consumers. The first is those who have explicitly communicated they are moving and would like information about cable service options for their new location. And the second are those that, through predictive analytics, are deemed likely to move.

Every day, Banjo receives data feeds containing hundreds of thousands of records from CTAM and multiple 3rd party data providers.

The data is automatically ingested by Banjo on a set schedule and processed through a complex set of steps that remove incomplete, duplicate or previously mailed addresses, as well as removal of duplicate records across the two campaigns.

The data is then processed against service area information containing millions of ZIP codes for the participating CTAM members. This ensures that the customer will receive an offer that is relevant to their new location and the services offered by the member in that market.

Once all that processing has been completed, the data is then sent back to one of the 3rd party providers. Additional predictive data is then appended. This includes language information that ensures the customer receives information in their native tongue. The appended data is then returned back to Banjo which further processes it to identify the highest value prospects and to determine which customers get mailed that day.

At that point, Banjo completes the process by generating the daily mailing file. That file often contains tens of thousands of consumer-specific mailers. It also contains highly customized reporting that is automatically delivered to CTAM and the 3rd party vendors. The reporting contains both the daily statistics as well as a breakdown of billing information that the data vendors use to bill CTAM.

From data ingestion to the printing of tens of thousands of direct mail pieces, Banjo automates the entire process.

All of this happens in a matter of a few hours a day. And CTAM doesn’t have to lift a finger. They simply check their automated email notifications to confirm that the offers went out.

“CTAM’s marketing programs provide tremendous value as we’re able to provide leads and sales opportunities to our member companies. Our marketing programs require very complex data and fulfillment, and our account managers who use Banjo are able to execute our programs accurately and timely.”

Janine Lee, MSO Marketing Project Manager

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