Managing print assets for a large hotel system is challenging. Especially when everything needs to be localized.

Maintaining Brand Consistency in Hotel and Hospitality Operations

Maintaining brand consistency across a large system of corporate and franchisee-owned hotels is not easy. Especially when managers need on-demand access and the ability to customize and localize those assets.

WoodSpring Hotels, formerly Value Place, faced this exact challenge. Each location was customizing materials using disparate brand assets that they either requested from corporate or kept on hand to make things easier on themselves. This often meant they were out of date. And without a centralized system, they were printing things locally, using vendors of varying quality.

The corporate team found themselves responding to one-off requests, which was both inefficient and time consuming. But more importantly, brand consistency was suffering across the franchise network.

When Value Place rebranded to WoodSpring, the corporate executive team took the opportunity to centralize their marketing and operational assets with Banjo. Everything from branded envelopes and letterhead to “coming soon” construction banners, customizable cable channel guides, and even promotional items like luggage tags and pens.

In giving WoodSpring Hotel owners and managers the ability to localize and customize collateral based on the uniqueness of their property and region, while staying true to brand guidelines, Banjo played a critical role in the success of the rebrand. Not only could franchise owners and managers streamline their processes and, in so doing, reduce costs, but they were also able to order items as needed. Quickly and at any hour of the day.

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