Point-of-sale works best when customers are at the point of buying.

Maximizing Retail Point of Sale Marketing Opportunities

Retail and point of sale (POS) are valuable opportunities to present offers and brand messages to customers who are in-store and considering a purchase or actually making one.

One company that knows how to leverage point of sale is Carfax. It is a core component of its marketing strategy and present throughout its network of dealer partners. Carfax uses POS marketing to promote many of its brand assets, not least of which is the free Carfax report given to prospective customers.

Carfax chose Banjo to make it easy for dealers to order complimentary point-of-sale “standees,” decals, and desktop easels to help dealers promote the reports. They needed to know the materials would be accurate, high quality, and fulfilled in a way that represented the Carfax brand. Having already worked with Banjo, they knew the bar was set high.

“Banjo has been a great resource for our field reps when visiting our dealers. They get to wow the dealer with customized, co-branded marketing materials using the CARFAX brand that used car shoppers are looking for. It’s the little touches like this that strengthen our partnerships with our dealer customers.”

Rick Brennan, Dealer Marketing Manager–Brand Programs, CARFAX

Additionally, Carfax wanted a branded ordering and fulfillment experience. The Banjo team created a custom ordering interface that allows dealers to choose the point of sale items they want and then customize them specifically for their dealership. After they place their orders, dealers receive Carfax branded updates as the point of sale kits are produced and fulfilled.

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