Email is no longer the panacea it once was.

Intelligent filtering and increasing volume means less emails reaching less prospects everyday.

Increasing Sales with Print Marketing Automation for a Nationwide Furniture Store

Buddy’s Home Furnishings is a nationwide rent-to-own furniture store with locations across the country. They were using email-only Marketo Smart Campaigns to reach out to customers who were coming to the end of their rental terms. The goal was to get those customers to buy something new once they finished making payments on their current rentals.

“We believe in a fully integrated marketing approach with our clients and partnering with Banjo has been a dream. I can’t recommend them enough for not only their expertise but also their ability to deliver.”

Zack Bowlby, CEO, ROI Amplified

While this email-only campaign enjoyed some success, the number of unopened emails made it clear that they could do a lot better.

ROI Amplified, the Digital Marketing Agency that had designed and created the Marketo campaign, discovered Banjo’s print marketing automation capabilities through the Marketo LaunchPoint site. And they immediately saw its potential. They decided to run a test campaign to see if triggered direct mail would give them a lift in results.

For the first mailing they kept it simple, adding just one customized postcard that went out to the unresponsive email customers. The card was a generic offer and only personalized with the customer’s name, address, and local store information. They ran that against another group of customers that only received the original email sequence.

After just a few months, the results were more than impressive.

Buddy’s experienced “significantly more sales” from just that one simple postcard.

Encouraged by such a good return from such a modest print marketing addition, ROI has now rolled the personalized postcard out to all 300 rent-to-own locations nationwide. And it’s exploring even more sophisticated ways to get the most out of future campaigns with more highly customized print marketing.

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