Business opportunities often come from existing customers. Especially if you’re able to make life easier for them.

Increasing Subscriptions and Renewals with Print Marketing Automation

One of our clients is a major clean energy company that offers a choice for clean, renewable energy to consumers and businesses. It’s mission is to give consumers a clean energy choice by making it accessible for everyone. Customers don’t need to install solar panels or even own their home, apartment, or business space. They simply make the switch and our client provides them with 100% wind and solar power.

Several years ago, our client turned to Banjo for print marketing automation to make the most of some important opportunities.

One of those was to eliminate the extra step customers had to take to sign up for their service. Specifically, to contact their current provider to request that they get their future energy from our client. Eliminating this extra step made it easier for people to sign up and translated into many more customers.

Banjo also helped address the issue of subscription renewals when customers came to the end of their terms. Through marketing automation, Banjo triggers a renewal sequence that provides our clients customers with a timely notification that their service is coming up for renewal. As the renewal date draws closer, subsequent direct mail is triggered to encourage the consumer to renew.

By making this process easier, seamless even, our client was able to count on the continued loyalty–and revenue–of customers who’d already made the switch to renewable energy.

The rest of the opportunities encompassed print operational logistics automation for things like service cancellations and state-specific regulatory notices, service FAQs, and legalese. All of which made it easier for our client to focus on higher value marketing efforts.

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