Print Asset Management

Software that helps you control, manage, and distribute your print assets.

Your print assets are just that—yours. So no matter whether you need brochures, signage, sales collateral, point of sales materials, or custom packaging, you decide how it looks, what it says, where and when you need it, and who else can get in on the action.

Banjo makes it efficient, but you make it happen.

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Get more done with less.

Why reinvent the wheel every time your team needs customized printed materials? Templatized assets allow for endless versions—on brand, on time, and on budget. And only when you need them. So no more time-consuming, individual design work or expensive print inventory.

Design Once

No more one off requests to Marketing. Anyone, at any time, can update approved collateral on demand to get what they need in real time.

Always Up To Date

Because it’s centralized and template-based, making one change to any template means everyone has immediate access to the newest version.

Accessible Anywhere

It’s web-based so anyone can access it anytime from anywhere. No more last minute rushing around to get customized marketing materials.

Integrated Print and Fulfillment

Online proofing, ecommerce-style ordering, and real-time shipping rates remove the hassle from traditional print procurement.

Print Asset Management Diagram

Customize within brand guidelines.

You specify what can and cannot be changed and how big those revisions can be. That way the final piece will always be on brand, no matter who is customizing the materials. Simply put, once you stipulate what tweaks can be made, everything else is off limits.


Asset Templates

With dynamic asset templates, you dictate the exact copy, graphics, and layout changes users can make or not make–it’s up to you.

Editable Content

Once the template is set, users can only change the content you specify which means fonts, font sizes, colors, and graphics all stay on brand.

Version Approvals

If you want to allow a bit more customization but still make sure things stay on course, all asset customizations can be set to require your approval.

Decide who gets to do what.

You may want to share some assets and not others, or give access to certain colleagues but not all. Banjo stores everything in one central location, but who gets to order materials, makes changes, and tap into budgets is up to you.


User Groups

Organize your team and departments into groups that can only access relevant assets. Give anyone access to one or many groups.

Roles & Permissions

Assign default roles to each user or set specific permissions on a user group or even a specific user.


Set maximum spending limits for each user group to ensure you don’t go over budget.

Monitor and control usage.

Keep tabs on who’s doing what and when. With standard and custom reporting, and the ability to administer users and assets, you stay in control.


Order Histories

View all past order to reorder with a single click.


Access key reports, from orders and invoices to inventory levels and custom reports tailored to your specs, to get the administrative data you need when you need it.


Manage user accounts, access, and permissions in real-time, or manage specific asset details when you want to make quick updates.

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How can Banjo help you?

These are just a few of the common use cases for Banjo. But it’s not about the industry, it’s about print. No matter what you’re printing, Banjo can make managing and controlling it easier and more efficient.