Print Marketing Automation

Relevant. Automated. Direct marketing.

Automatically trigger highly relevant print and other physical marketing materials right from your marketing automation platform, CRM, POS, or any other system. Postcards, promotional items, direct mail packages, and other sales or marketing materials. Each individualized for the recipient based specifically on their interaction with your brand.

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Why print marketing still matters.

With the advent of more sophisticated inbox filtering, email as a singular campaign tactic is quickly losing effectiveness. Declining open rates and single digit click-through rates mean you’re missing out on an enormous number of prospects. To be effective, a campaign must supplement email with print and direct mail marketing.

Which is why we built Banjo–print automation that plugs into your marketing automation platform so you can set it and forget it.

Marketing campaigns that used direct mail and just one or more digital media experienced a 118% lift in response rate compared to using direct mail only.

How does banjo work?

It’s easy–you provide your artwork, select your print template(s), plug in our webhook to your marketing automation campaign (or let us do it for you), and then sit back and let Banjo do the rest. Whenever your prospect or customer meets your campaign criteria, Banjo automatically sends your materials.

Your artwork can be static or customized. Banjo can take your variable data via the webhook and flow it into your design so that each piece is customized for each recipient.

Banjo can send anything from a postcard to a letter to a complex, data-driven kit or even a promotional item or custom package.

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Proven results.

Don’t take our word for it. These results speak for themselves. Automating your physical marketing with Banjo just makes sense.