Taking the pain out of print.

Banjo helps you manage your print assets whether your using print for marketing, sales, or operations. Banjo makes it easy to control what assets are used, who uses them, and how they are used.

Print Asset Management with Banjo

Certain printed materials need a human touch – tweaks, revisions, personalization. Banjo gives you, and designated colleagues, complete control over these changes and delivers the final assets wherever and whenever they’re needed.

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Print Marketing Automation with Banjo

Banjo plugs directly into your smart campaigns to automatically trigger marketing materials–from postcards to custom packaging. It can even customize each individual item specifically for your prospect or customer.

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Print Logistics Automation with Banjo

Without Banjo, complicated, data-driven print logistics is difficult and time-consuming to manage, often prone to errors, and just plain expensive. With Banjo, you just provide the data and the rest is taken care of for you.

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